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In those early days, trunks were oval shaped and therefore not stackable; as such, they were not conducive to the emerging and rapidly growing forms of travel on steamers and trains. Vuitton came up with a flat-top trunk with flat hinges that was stackable and suitable for long journeys. A few years later, and in response to competitors copying his original design, Vuitton invented his famous trunk made of blue and red striped canvas.2 The canvas protected the contents of the trunk from rain and dust, and customers loved the unique design. This innovation in material and design also made it difficult for competitors to copy.
Vuitton’s business thrived. He was able to cement his position among aristocracy in Europe and beyond, in places such as Egypt and India, when he was appointed the official packer and trunk maker for Eugenie de Montijo, Napoleon III`s wife and a Spanish countess. As a result, the business strengthened further.

This case has been written on the basis of published sources only. Consequently, the interpretation and perspectives presented in this case are not necessarily those of Louis Vuitton or any of its employees
Dana Thomas, Deluxe, How Luxury Lost its Lustre, Penguin, London, 2007.

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