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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a controversial topic going on in the United States today. The Mayo Clinic describes the process that is taken by saying, “IVF is a complex series of procedures used to treat fertility or genetic problems and assist with the conception of a child.” The Mayo Clinic is a leading clinic to help with many health issues. Dr. Silber says, “Our IVF pregnancy rate is over 50% per attempt, regardless of diagnosis, and we accept all of the most difficult cas-es.” That shows that over half of the procedures done are successful, and they end with a new-born baby. The process of IVF requires time and patience, but the end results will be worth it. IVF has become a popular topic in countries all over the world. Some of those …show more content…
Being able to be in their place and feel everything they went through in just a few short sentences is simply amazing. Some families deal with an IVF doctor for multiple years, and some only have to see them for a year. Infertility patients range from late 20’s to late 40’s. That mean-ing, it does not matter the age of a woman; she can still have help with conceiving a baby. A fam-ily who posted their success story to the create fertility website says, “I was 31 years old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.” With that being said it is because of the cancer that she was not able to get pregnant. Later in the story she says, “Everything had to be put on hold for such a long time for us; we did start to think that we might never have children, so it was amazing to see a positive pregnancy after my first cycle. We were totally gobsmacked. It was the most amazing feeling, especially because we’d been waiting to start a family for ages. I then went on to have a really healthy pregnancy and amazing labour. Baby Logan really has made our lives complete.” Being able to see pure joy in a family who thought that they would never have a family is simply amazing. That family made it clear that their Baby Logan is their miracle baby, and she came into their life at the perfect time. They are only a fraction of the IVF stories that come out to be suc-cessful, but that one situation is able to show the faith in the amazing process of In Vitro

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