Ivan Pavlov And The Human System Essay example

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"It has long been known for sure that the sight of tasty food makes a hungry man 's mouth water; also lack of appetite has always been regarded as an undesirable phenomenon.” Ivan Pavlov was a Russian scientist who conducted one of the most revealing studies in behavioral psychology. However, he was not an actual psychologist. Ivan Pavlov was much more interested in the physiology of the human digestive system when he partook in a series of experiments today referred to as ‘Pavlov’s Dogs’. Pavlov’s experiments with the dogs has cultivated a particular association between the occurrence of one event in the anticipation of another. Ivan Pavlov’s series of experiments and discovery of Pavlovian Conditioning have been crucial contributions to everyday life and psychology..
In 1890s, Ivan Pavlov was looking how a dog salivates in response to a food stimuli in order to explain the mysteries of the yet unknown human system. However, Pavlov noticed a strange occurrence in the dogs- they would begin to salivate every time his associates entered, regardless of the lack of food. After this discovery, Pavlov named a theory that there are some ideas that dogs do not need to learn. Behaviorists today would refer to it as an unconditioned response or a hard-wired reflex (McLeod, par. 2). At this point, Pavlov expanded on his theory and concluded “he was able to pair a neutral stimulus with an excitatory one and have the neutral stimulus eventually elicit the response that was associated…

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