Essay Ivan Ilyich 's Downward Spiral Into Redemption

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Ivan Ilyich’s Downward Spiral into Redemption The way Ivan gains redemption in the story is through a divine process that is able to save his soul. Through this redemption he comes to the understanding that he unwisely devoted his life to a value system that is devoid of actually accepting death as a possibility. He has lived a very simple, ordinary, and terrible life because he lives exactly as the value system of propriety and decorum wanted him to live and did not really live for himself. Never, did he stop and question propriety and decorum which could have helped him gain clarity regarding the major flaws that accompany this complex culture. It is not until the last chapter of the story Ivan begins to go through a process that will lead him capture his redemption. Before, going through this redemption, Ivan must first realize that he is trapped in a living death, and has to acknowledge himself that his life was not good. There is a large amount of denial on Ivan’s part that he has to get through. On top of that there are two characters that are able to help him see the errors of his way. The text also is filled with spiritual images that are connected to how Ivan’s soul is able to avoid damnation. Once, he accepts that death is a part of natural feeling Ivan gains redemption by realizing that the value system of propriety and decorum is wrong, his illness is taking over his life, and the lack of natural feeling that is present in his home. To begin, the value…

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