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French Connection (also known as FCUK) is a UK-based global retailer and wholesaler of fashion clothing and accessories. Founded in 1972 by Chief Executive Stephen Marks it is based in London and its parent company, French Connection Group plc, is listed on the London Stock Exchange.[2]

French Connection
French Connection distributes its clothing and accessories through its own stores in the UK, US and Canada and through franchise and wholesale arrangements globally. The company is famous for the use of the "fcuk" acronym in its advertising campaigns in the early 2000s which successfully raised its profile.
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Reportedly, the first use of the acronym was on faxes sent between their Hong Kong and London offices, headed "FCHK to FCUK".[5] Although purportedly an acronym for French Connection United Kingdom, its (one can assume, intentional) similarity to the word "fuck" caused controversy.[4]
French Connection exploited the controversy of the branding, producing an extremely popular range of t-shirts with messages such as "fcuk fashion", "hot as fcuk", "too busy to fcuk", "fcuk safely" etc. There were also a number of regionally specific messages, such as "fondle constantly until knackered" (in the UK), "fcukin hell" and "no fcukin worries" (in Australia).
The success of the branding in raising French Connection's profile also caused others to use similar tactics. French Connection launched a trademark infringement case in the London High Court challenging the owner of "First Consultants UK Ltd", a computer company, over its use of the "fcuk" acronym. It was proven in the case the Internet Domain was registered prior to French Connection applying for the UK Trademark and its claim for passing off was dismissed. Mr Justice Rattee refused to grant an injunction, describing French Connection's use of the acronym as "a tasteless and obnoxious campaign."[6][7]

A French Connection store in Toronto, Canada
The company also threatened legal action against the political youth

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