Essay on Itech Tute 6

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iTech 1005
Business Information Systems
Tutorial 6
Assessment Task
Tutorial – Friday 10.30am - 12.30pm

Case Study 1: Cloud computing 1. Are the security arrangements for data and applications stored in the cloud the responsibility of the user or the vendor?
I believe that the responsibility lies on both the user and the vendor to arrange appropriate security arrangements for the data and applications stored in the cloud. Cloud computing helps computers keep their storage capacities lower by breaking the physical bonds between IT infrastructure, but it allows security threats to personal information being hacked or leaked if the security is not looked after appropriately.
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Hacking and social engineering has increased as the fast as the digital trend and as everyone is very content for new IT innovations to save money and storage and increase accessibility to suit their fast pace lifestyles, I believe they forget that it is opening up their vulnerability to potential endangerment of others gaining access to their personal information.
I like to create backups of my photos, work, music and all my other files onto external hard drives and discs. This creates and gives me the security that my files are safe as I know where they are. Case Study 2: Turning e-waste into gold

1. Why would the Olympics benefit from creating a strong environmental enterprise infrastructure?
The Olympics would benefit from creating a strong environmental enterprise infrastructure because the Olympics reach and captivate worldwide audiences and by setting a strong environmental standard it would let the world know that it is doing their part for clean energy and a clean environment.

2. How can the Olympics help support ethical e-waste initiatives?
The Olympics could give a helping hand by informing and showing the world that recycling is the right path for the future. Each country that hosts the Olympics should inform their citizens to help out also by going green. By initiating ethical practices to save our planet from un-wanted waste and recycled waste piles the Olympics could do their part as a role

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