Italy : Italy And Greece Essay

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Italy and Greece 2015
When travelling to another country you never really know what to expect. When I was traveling to Italy and Greece I learned that I get homesick easily and that I’m one to really live in the moment. Also with being in a different country with people I didn’t know that well, I learned that I need someone who’s responsible when it comes to being a roommate.
It was the morning of June 25th 2015, the day I left for my two-week trip to Italy and Greece I was all packed up and ready to leave home. It was about ten in the morning when my mom and I packed my suitcase and backpack into the car and I said goodbye to my siblings, Leila, whose four, Jake, whose three and Delaney and Brooklynn who are two and to my stepdad also and then we were off to Horlick. Since I live so close to school it didn’t take us very long to get there, when we pulled up into the parking lot we saw the big charter bus that was going to take us down to O’Hare in Chicago to. We took a big group picture put all of our suitcases on the bus, said our goodbyes and we were on the road by ten thirty. Sitting on the bus I was very scared to be in a different country with a big group of people who I didn’t know all that well. Also, I was very anxious to know who I was rooming with each time we changed cities and such, I wasn’t one to like everyone that was on the trip. Of course I knew the teachers who were chaperones like my swim coach Patzwald, and my sophomore world history teacher Mrs. Sett,…

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