Italian Neo-Realism Essay

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This Essay will discuss how neo realism only lasted ten years and how it was committed to representing life as it was lived, in complete contrast to the fascist propaganda films it superseded. It will discuss and debate this by analyzing some of the most prominent films and their directors that represented the movement.

The main exponents of the neorealist movement were Visconti, Rossellini and De Sica (Hayward, 2000), “The Movement lasted from 1942 to 1952, even though critics credit Roberto Rossellini’s 1945 (Rome Open City) as being the first truly neo-realist film, Luchino Visconti’s Ossessione (1943) was really the herald of the movement, and in fact the scriptwriter of Visconti’s film, Antonio Pietrangeli, coined the term
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Bicycle thieves (De Sica 1948) show the viewer the lack of humanity and morality in Italian society of the time. We see how one poor desperate human being steals the bicycle of a poor worker to facilitate his own livelihood. Here De Sica again shows us the desperation of the Italian people we see how poverty has driven one poor soul to knowingly steal the livelihood of another. The hopelessness of the situation is so apparent and shows how this dog eat dog world is leading to the ultimate breakdown of Italian society.

Because the studios were being used as refuge camps the neo-realists were forced to use on location shooting (Ruberto and Wilson, 2007) On location shooting brought its benefits, like the lower costs as they didn’t have to construct elaborate sets it also gave a distinct illusion of reality. Shooting the movies in the run down streets of Italy did give a certain cinematographic look and feel of shots. For example, the run down bombed out urban buildings in Rome Open City (Rossellini, 1945) show the true nature and reality of the suffering and oppression of the Italian people. Another example is the rows and rows of bicycle part peddler’s in the

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