It 's Time For Make A Difference Essay

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It 's Time to make a Difference There are many laws constantly being added or altered in society; and many of those changes are passed merely due to the wording in which is being used during the promotion of the law. It is intentionally done so the audience may feel positive and secure about the change that is being made, causing one to lose motivation to seek further information regarding the proposition. This can leave many voters unaware of possible outcomes which may affect them in the near future. The proposition discusses change in such a positive manner that one may feel their safety is guaranteed.The words used in promoting this proposition Swedes voters in voting for something merely from stating the positives outcomes of the bill being passed but overlooks the negative ones. To begin with there is a California Election Guide which may assist one in gathering information on a particular proposition before voting, it gives you an explanation to what the proposition is all about. According to the California Election Guide Proposition 47 was passed November 4, 2014 and requires that a misdemeanor sentence be given instead of a felony for certain drug possessions and or other offenses. In order to receive a misdemeanor sentence instead of a felony for the crime committed an inmate must request retrial and wait for a set date. They would need to be reviewed by judge to see if they are fit to return to society and that the…

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