Essay on It 's The Thing About Suicide

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That 's the thing about suicide. Try as you might to remember how a person lived his life, you always end up thinking about how he ended it. (Cooper). Suicide is a life changing event, not only for the person who commits suicide but also for the surviving family members and friends. Family members might turn to each other in search of answers wanting to know what drove their loved one to commit such an atrocious thing, and subsequently begin to blame themselves or each other for not realizing that the person was mentally unstable. Family members are tormented by the thoughts of what if… and will also begin to think of any signs they missed any warnings displayed by the victim.
Depression is associated with Suicidal ideation, people who suffer from depression find it difficult to find the meaning of life, they might be in pain, feel lonely, rejected, abused or just feel helpless and believe that ending their life is the only option they have, and begin to have suicide ideations. This is also know as suicide thoughts they begin to imagine how to end ones life, which can mean planning it momentarily but do not carry it through nevertheless are constantly thinking about it. For those people with suicide ideations their intentions are to fail at their attempt to commit suicide or plan to be found attempting to commit suicide before they go through with their plan. It seems to me as if this is a cry for help or attention. Of course this is an issue that needs immediate…

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