It 's Only One Reason People Use A Gun Essay

806 Words Dec 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Hyuntaek Seo
Mrs. Moore
11 Dec 2016
Bang Bang
There’s only one reason people use a gun, to protect themselves and to kill. Many people know having guns are good, useful, and self-protect. The answer is no because has a gun or carrying the gun is three times more dangerous to die than a person lives without a gun. In the United States of America, people carrying the guns in the public and it’s legal. Administrative Control is the best tool they really need/have to fight to curtail gun violence in United Sates of America.
Handguns use almost seventy percent of firearm suicides, and eighty percent of firearm homicides. Guns are made to kill. There are no other reasons why they made it. In the United States of America, usually American using the guns for hunting, but otherwise, people carry a gun every day and kill other people. If people can prove self-defense in the motivation to kill someone else, the murder charge will not normally have bought against the murderer. The America has one of the highest rates of gun-related violence in the developed world. In Asia, it’s illegal to buy a gun neither carrying a gun; it’s better than having a gun, because if you have a gun or carry a gun; you have three times more critical than doesn’t have a gun.
It does not just talk about gun control; I want to talk about how controlling gun culture is real problems in the World. Japan and England are taking the world 's toughest total control measures and boasting the lowest total kill…

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