It 's Not Just About Salivating Dogs ! Essay

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Study #1
Article Title: It’s Not Just About Salivating Dogs!
Author: Ivan Pavlov
Date of Study: 1927
Hypothesis: Ivan Pavlov believed that if a dog was exposed to a specific stimulus while being fed, the dog’s brain would associate the stimulus with the food; due to this association, the stimulus alone would prompt the dogs to salivate.
Variables: The independent variables, or the variables being manipulated and tested, are the various stimuli that Pavlov used to ingrain a response in the dogs: the ticking of metronome, footsteps, the scent of vanilla, a rotating object. The dependent variable, or the variable measured and tested, is the presence of salivation in response to a neutral stimulus after the dogs have been conditioned to associate the stimulus with food.
Description of design/setup of study: Pavlov performed his experiments in a soundproof laboratory, allowing for the dogs to be completely isolated from the experimenters and any arbitrary stimuli. Therefore, Pavlov eliminated any direct contact between experimenters and the dogs, as well as creating a controlled experiment. For the unconditioned stimulus, Pavlov chose food, since food prompts an unconditioned response of salivation; for the neutral stimulus, Pavlov chose the ticking of the metronome, as the sound was unrelated to food. Finally, the experimenters performed the experiment, repeatedly exposing the dogs to a combination of the neutral stimulus and the unconditioned stimulus. The experimenters…

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