It 's Not Inclusive? Essay

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It’s Not Inclusive
I never did understand anything after my careers class or got what was considered needed from Adult Roles and Responsibilities class. My patience was continuously being tested throughout both of those classes. Why couldn’t someone, who was given the task to teach me in a classroom, teach in a way that was understood by the majority, and also manage teaching that classroom? I don’t believe all my teachers really began class every day hoping that they would help their students succeed. It almost seems kind of selfish of a teacher whothat doesn’t go to their job to help students learn, but instead, teaches because that is what is required of them. Academic success is something that is constantly on my mind when I am at school. Why shouldn 't it be that way for everyone, including teachers? Even so, the issue is bigger than the schools. The school system is a negative experience as a whole. Lack of acknowledging issues like, racism, sexism, and my example of poor teaching all support the idea. Not to mention that, students get little to no say in what gets decided in the school they go to. I have heard many of times from individuals, including some of my close friends, when they have noticed, or been involved in someone saying or doing something sexist. Now when it comes to racism, the idea is the same. One of my close friends has been an example of this racism in school, and at the source is teachers and students. Whether it is intentional or…

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