It 's Not A Game Essay

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But It 's Not a Game
There 's a game in life we all play, since the first grade we took our place as players;and that game is school. Today’s my first day at a new school. I don 't know anyone, and no one knows me. Nobody likes being the new kid; after all, it annoying being questioned at every class by other teachers and students, about where i 'm from, and what my interests are. As if they even care about you, or who you are. They 're just trying to make you feel welcome. They mean well, they really do; but the way they pretend to be interested in you, it hits a nerve, gets me rattled up. They 're all a bunch of fakes; but hey, who am I to judge, I 'm the new kid.

So, rewind a few hours; my parents just dropped me off, and helped me unpack and set up my room- oh yeah, did I mention it 's a boarding school? So they help me set up my room, it 's nothing pretty, the damn thing resembles a jail cell, the walls were so plain and had a cold feeling to them, part of that may have been my fault because of the lack of accessories I brought with me. As my parents say their goodbyes, it hits me. They 're really gonna leave me. I 'm gonna be stuck literally half way across the world to fend for myself, without my parents. I could have sworn that I read some article explaining how that 'll damage your child in the head. Being away from your parents, it 'll change you, make you cold and depressed; but whatever, you gotta do what you gotta do, not like I had much say in the matter.…

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