It 's My Firm Conviction That When Uncle Sam Calls Essay

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“It 's my firm conviction that when Uncle Sam calls, by God we go, and we do the best that we can.” This quote said by R. Lee Ermey embodies the superpower that is the United States of America. In America, citizens treat their fellow Americans like they would their siblings. They may fight amongst one another like cats and dogs but when it comes down to it, if an outsider harms their theoretical brother or sister they defend them till the end. Although, America has not always been as united as it is today. The people of America even tried to separate early in the country’s lifetime. As a young country, America had issues with slavery policies. The northern states believed African-Americans were equal to the extent that they did not deserve to be slaves. On the other hand, the southern states believed just the opposite. Both sides thought they were right and everyone else should share in their beliefs, which caused extreme tension. As new states were added, there was always controversy over whether that state should be a slave state or a no slave state. As the controversies worsened, the southern calls for secession increased and civil war seemed more and more inevitable. Civil war is never a thing that anyone wants for their country, but if enough of a population is split it is bound to happen. At the time, the civil war was seen as dreadful by the north but as necessary by the south. Looking back, the Civil War turned out to be a good thing, in a sense. Yes,…

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