It 's Like 3 O ' Clock Essay

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It 's like 3 o 'clock in the morning here. I can 't fall back asleep. When I look up, Wendell is no where to be found. Where the hell did he go? I think. I don 't remember him getting up in the middle of the night. The last thing I remember is going to bed holding him.
I 'm suddenly blinded by light, I shield my eyes with my arms then hear his voice.
"I 'm sorry, did I wake you?" Wendell asks, taking his paw off the light switch.
"No, I just couldn 't go back to sleep." I say, "What are you doing?"
"I was getting something to drink."
"Oh." That 's a relief, for a second, I thought he was too embarrassed about the whole "me and him" thing. Wendell turns off the light and lies down next to me.
"So, when did you say your parents are coming back from their trip again?"
"What did you want to do before then?"
"Not sure." My parents had to go on a business trip for about a week. After that, I have no idea how to tell them about Wendell. They 've known him since we met, but not sure how they 're going to take news like this. "Is it okay if we discuss this in the morning?"
"Sure." he says, embracing me again.
It 's the second time I woke up this morning, except this time the sun is out. I can feel the rays warm up my face. Or is it Wendell 's breath because his muzzle is inches away from mine. I give him a small kiss and he wakes up.
"Is it morning yet?" he asks, yawning. I nod. I hear my cell phone go off, and I instantly wake up. Way to go whoever it is! I take a…

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