It 's Just Another Day For Me Essay

939 Words Mar 28th, 2016 4 Pages
It’s just another day for me. Another day to be slayed by the knight and watch in envy as he carries the princess to ‘safety’. My life is only a fairytale. A fairytale in which I am the villain and the knight is the hero. I never wanted to be born like this and I mostly certainly don’t want it to continue happening. However, it cannot come to a halt. I have endless lives and endless nights and days to cry out in agony on how fucking bad my life is. When I try to speak, a blazing blue inferno pours out of my mouth. If you haven’t already realized, I am a dragon. My powers are not a gift but a curse. I don’t have the warm human touch as most mammals do. Every time I walk my claws dig deep into the rocks as they emulate sound that is equal to nails on a chalk board. My wings don’t allow me to step through hallways in which I should be able to proceed through. The long ass tail that looks amazing in drawing only makes clumsier then I already am.
I look out the small opening of my cavern in the mountain side. I was just regenerated to my pointless life. Lucky the worst of today was over. Everyday a new knight comes to this virtual world and tries to ‘beat the game’. I think that is nonsense. Why would someone want to hurt something if they didn’t even know what or who they are? These people don’t know nearly anything about me. The only thing they do know are my flaws. Not personality flaws: fighting flaws. Every single knight takes advantage of me. They ride their ‘perfect’…

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