Essay about It 's Got Ta Learn, Nobody 's Born Knowing

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“Everybody’s gotta learn, nobody’s born knowing” (Harper Lee). From the beginning of her time, she escaped the world of fear and established her own in another style. She predominately showed those around her the obedience she carries. She relished the opinions of others and subdued any blocked pathway to her success. Nelle Harper Lee, known as Harper Lee, became and remains to be an outstanding author of experienced background, relatable history, and polished standards. Strictly one-hundred miles from the state capital, Monroeville of Alabama, Nelle was born on Wednesday, April twenty-eighth of the year nineteen twenty-six. She was born in the era of poverty, war, and racism. The Great Depression damaged many families and scattered unwanted individuals across the United States. These unwanted individuals were not only colored, but were held accountable for unreasonable and scrutinizing events. Amasa Coleman Lee, father to Harper, was an accountable lawyer of Alabama. He justified cases dealing with unfair situations regarding African Americans that were victimized of unpleasant crimes. A.C. is well known to those who adore Nelle’s work later in life, for he portrayed the character of Atticus Finch. Married to Frances Cunningham Lee, “a sensitive women whose ‘nervous disorder’ bewildered her youngest child” (Shields 178) was often a secluded soul and unreachable mother figure. Nelle’s essential parental attachment and guidance was from Amasa, one of the busiest men in this…

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