It 's Funny When You Think About It Essay

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It’s funny when you think about it. Everybody has a vision statement. Everybody has something that they hold to their core that makes them tick. I know for me when I see a vision statement I think of a business and what makes them tick. I know that you might say a business has a mission statement, but I look at the bigger picture. The bigger picture like a business and a person a vision statement clearly state what they believe and who they are as a person and a business.
Me being a simple person it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. With this first paragraph I’m tell you what makes me happy. The number one thing that makes me happy is seeing my friends happy. I say that because in my life I have put my friends over me. Seeing them at a good place their life I feel good for them and in turn I become happy because they are going good for them. The next thing that makes me happy faith and love for god is something that makes me happy. I say this because Its something has guided me and kept me happy on my dark days. Sleeping is my last and biggest thing that makes me happy. I say sleeping because ever since I left the navy I have not sleep good. When I can get a good night sleep I feel at peace with the world.
Goals are things that people strive to get done. Goals are like north stars people want to reach. Some could say benchmarks. The three goals that I have are not big, but like me simple. My first goal is getting my Master degree. As I start to work and finish my ass…

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