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Table of Contents 1.0 Wind Farms 4 2.0 Wind Farms in Ireland 6 3.0 Installation On and Off Shore 8

Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering


By Paul Carroll
Name: Paul Carroll

Class: CE1

Module: IT in Communications

Date: Wednesday 18th February

Lecturer: Louise Kirby

Title: Wind farms

1.0 Wind Farms

1.1 Introduction

This report will look at wind farms. It will examine wind farms in a broad sense and will also go into detail on wind farms in Ireland both on and off shore. Wind farms are a group of wind turbines that create energy by using the natural resource that is wind to rotate three blades that are used to
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Hill tops are a very popular place to situate windfarms as this is where wind is usually at is strongest. The location of wind turbines is also influenced by the population. Many people find windmills unsightly and accuse them of ruining a beautiful landscape. Other people object to the installation of wind turbines due to the noise pollution that these cause. In Ireland the public were in favour of having larger turbines and less of them oppose to a large quantity of smaller less productive turbines. As we can see in figure 2.1 below the majority of turbines are in county’s that are of mountainous terrain such as Kerry and county Down in Northern Ireland. They are also situated on the west coast as the prevailing winds are strongest here and the mountains shelter the east from these strong winds.

Figure (2.1)
2.2 Advantages and Disadvantages

Wind farms are used as an alternative clean source of energy that is most importantly renewable. This reduces our dependency on oil and other non-renewable energy sources also the turbines produce no direct co2 emissions. Another advantage is that they reduce the need to import energy sources such as oil and coal. This in turn reduces the country’s total import costs benefitting economy greatly. Although there are many benefits to wind energy there are also many disadvantages. The initial installation

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