It Was The Morning Before The Sheep Show Essay

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It was the morning before the sheep show. I could not stop thinking about how much I wanted my dad to be there to watch me show.
My dad was never able to come to the Iowa State fair with me because he always had football practice. I have shown at the state fair for four years. It has never really bothered me that my dad was never able to come, I understood why. For some reason this year I really wanted him to be there. I knew that he wouldn’t be coming thought and that made my heart break.
The rest of my family was always there and that made it a lot better. It was that afternoon we were just sitting around by our animals. That is something that we do a lot at the state fair. There is always so much to do so we thought it would be good to sit for a little bit.
My mom was gone with my aunt. They were just walking around the fair. Or so I thought!
I was finally sick of sitting so I said to my grandma, “We should go get something to eat, I am hungry,” even though I was really just bored. My grandma responds kind of snotty back with, “No, just sit down. We can sit down for once.”
I thought that it was kind of weird because normally Grandma doesn’t talk to me like that and to be honest she looked kind of bored herself.
After that I was kind of scared to ask again to go get food. So I just sat there, bored, really, really bored. I was thinking that if my dad was here I could be doing stuff with him. Those thoughts about my dad just kept going through my head.
Finally I got up…

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