It Was Hot Outside? Essay

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It was always hot outside. There was no seasons, no difference in weather besides the temperature which varied, but it was always at least 80℉.There weren’t many people around because they couldn’t stay healthy enough. The people would either die because of dehydration or lack of food. That land was called No-Man 's World, but there was another human sustaining land above No-Man 's World. The people knew nothing about this land. That mysterious land was called Earth.
The people in No-Man 's World, also called NoManians, were so unhealthy they would die and couldn’t even reproduce because there wasn’t enough supplies for the people. The NoManians would always look for animals, but not to kill them. If there were animals around then there had to be some kind of water source, but no one knew how the water kept on getting replaced in different spots. Even some spots that didn’t have water the day before would have water the next day. They did have this one big tree in the middle of their fifteen mile wide settlement. No one knew how the tree stayed there, or how the tree became to just grow there randomly. Then there was the people living on Earth, called Americans. The Americans had an abundant amount of supplies. They had all essential supplies needed to live and even had plenty luxuries. The Earth was prospering with vegetation and animals. The animal population varied tremendously. There were animals that could only live in the water from animals that would die if they even…

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