It Was A Freak Accident Gone Wrong Essay

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On her first day to work, the falling snow was thick and heavy, blocking out the scare light of the sun. Sandra tugged her coat a little tighter and turned her wipers on a little higher. She had been staying in a cheap, dingy hotel near her work, New England General Hospital until her first pay went though and she could afford a small flat meaning her drive was not long. She pulled up to the hospital, parked and locked her car and walked through the doors to her new career. Anticipating she would be kept away from the day’s action, she slowly got changed and scrubbed.
At about 3p.m the atmosphere in the hospital changed. The air changed from being sterile and thin to dense and metallic, people started bustling around, yelling at each other. Casualties were being rushed in; the reports were that it was a freak accident gone wrong. Sandra froze.

“Oi, that wasn’t that hard was it?” Katheryn shrieked as they walked away from the brown oval. Joshua just laughed as Ryan shook his head vigorously. “That’s easy for you to say, you aced it”. “Ry, it wasn’t as bad as you think!” Joshua exclaimed, annoyed his friend was over dramatizing the event. The teens had just left their trial for the school track team, despite the months of hard work and training Ryan believed he had just ruined his chances by not winning his competition. “They only look at the best. I wasn’t the best.” His friends had done fine, smashing their competition out of the park. “It’s called a…

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