Essay about It Was A Cold Winter Day

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It was a cold winter day. We were running out of wood in the basement and I was always the one who helped my dad put more into the basement. I was in the third grade and loved helping my dad outside with his chores that he had to do. My dad told me that he was going out to put some wood in the basement and I began bundling up in my warm winter clothes. I put on my snow pants, coat, boots, hat, and work gloves before heading outside to help. My dad was pulling out of the garage on the four wheeler and I hoped on as he drove to the other side of the yard and hooked up the wood trailer so we could load it with wood. I helped him take the tarp off the mountain of wood and began grabbing the biggest pieces I could-even if that meant dragging them along. We piled the trailer as full as we could get it and I ran back to the four wheeler so that we could throw it into the basement. We pulled up to my bedroom window, and right below it was where we threw the wood into the basement. My dad got his drill and undid the bolts to the wood window and pulled out the insulation. Then he pulled up the wood chute and placed the saw horse beneath it so that it wouldn’t move anywhere. I took my spot closest to the chute since I could barely throw any pieces into it, while my dad stood on the opposite side and tossed them in across the trailer. I threw as many pieces into the chute as I could, trying to keep up with my dad who was emptying his side faster than I was. When all of a sudden we…

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