It Was A Breezy Summer Night Essay

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It was a breezy summer night. I was on Oahu to visit my sister , and to attend a church camp at the University of Hawaii. I was just dropped off at the dorm hall to check in and drop my bags off. I walk in with both arms loaded with luggage , and saw a black kid that looked similar to me in age. I approached him and asked him about his name; he said his name was Jean-Claude and he was from France on an exchange trip. We both proceed to the attendant desk to inquire about our rooms. It turns out that we were roommates , and also group mates throughout the week. We packed into the elevator and pressed the 5th floor button. We climb out of the elevator and open our room to find a fully furnished and cold dorm room. We set our stuff down and decide that we would head to the lunch hall. We entered the lunch hall and immediately had our attention taken by two females; one was dark haired and the other was blonde.Jean-Claude and I look at each other and decided that we should start the week off right by walking up to the two girls and starting a conversation. We walk up and ask them for their names; the brunette’s name was Miranda , and the blonde’s was Lily. They asked us where we were from and our names and we both respond. We continued to have small talk and decided that we would all sit together. It didn 't take long for Jean-Claude and i to realize that Lily had the beauty and brains , and Miranda was all looks. We all finished our food and proceeded back to the dorm hall. We…

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