It Should Be Morally Acceptable To Break The Law Analysis

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Some may say it is never morally acceptable to break the law. Plato supported this claim in Crito through Socrates, the main character with the option of escaping from prison. He was imprisoned and sentenced by the Athenian court to death for corrupting the youth. His friend Crito challenges Socrates with various arguments as to why he should break the law by escaping from prison.
Opposed, some say it is morally acceptable to break the law. Martin Luther King would support this position. King would say yes, at times it is morally justifiable to break the law. In his Letter from Birmingham Jail he defends this position and outlines the specific case when is it morally permissible to break the law which is when a law is unjust. He will also
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My reasons as to why share some similarities to those of Kings but has other cases in which it would be justified in breaking the law. my claim is that people should only break unjust laws. Those unjust law are defined as any laws put in place to exploit, assimilate and or change in any form those who are marginalized and minorities within society.
My argument in support is that each person has the right to their differences as long as it does not impede on the lives of others and should be able to practice and or live the life they please. In support of my argument, everyone should be able to live their lives to their full potential without any interference. The only way to create positive social change is through individuals being able to live the life they choose and through expressing their needs in order to better society. We have made errors in the past impeding on people 's lives and today have corrected them. We may still have laws that need to be altered and the only way to know they are unjust is by breaking them and informing the law creators of the injustices occurring. For example, at one time same sex marriage was illegal in Canada. This was impeding on the lives of many which resulted in people realizing it was an unjust law through the people who protested to get same sex rights. Although, this did lead to a positive social change. Therefore, we may still have laws impeding on lives that can be broken to create positive social change allowing people to live their lives to their full

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