Essay on It Project Management vs Construction Project Management

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This document serves the purpose of critically analysing the differences that exist between managing construction projects and I.T Projects


Over the past few years, project managers and Project management has shown tremendous growth. Project management has evolved over the past several years from an activity in an organization to a discipline in its own right. Many professional bodies exist today to represent project management as a discipline, Some of which include, PMI, Prince2 Foundation, PM Bok.

According to A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), - Third Edition,
“Project management is the application of knowledge, skills,
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Construction managers oversee the selection of general contractors and trade contractors to complete specific pieces of the project—which could include plumbing to painting and carpet installation. Construction managers also determine the labor requirements. They also oversee the performance of all trade contractors and are responsible for ensuring that all work is completed on schedule.
Construction managers direct and monitor the progress of construction activities. They oversee the delivery and use of materials, tools, and equipment; and the quality of construction, worker productivity, and safety. They are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and licenses and, depending upon the contractual arrangements, direct or monitor compliance with building and safety codes and other regulations. And they continually track and control construction costs to avoid cost overruns.
For the purpose of this paper I will discuss the typical PM activities inside the construction project’s lifecycle.
 Project Initiation

During project initiation, the client plans how the authorized project is to be implemented. Planning begins by identifying what the project is to deliver and documenting the result in the “Project Requirements Definition”. The client then considers what approach to take to manage and carry out the work to implement the project, selects the project delivery method,

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