It Project Management : Infamous Failure, Classic Mistakes, And Best Practices

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This essay provides opinions about the findings in the article “IT Project Management: Infamous Failure, Classic Mistakes, and Best Practices”. Firstly, main findings and point of views about them will be introduced. And then I will discuss how this article changes the way I think about project management. Finally, I will explain how I will apply the knowledge from the article to project management.
In the 10 infamous IT project failures, I find that the waste amount of time and money are huge, some of which even causes the bankruptcy of the company. Therefore, efficient project management are vital to the business operation and company survival. Besides, there are indeed some common reasons in these cases, which provide us the opportunity to conclude the classic mistakes. According to the article, people, process, product and technology are four main categories, which include 36 classic mistakes. As to the people, motivation, individual capabilities and working relationship among the team members, problem employee, adding people to a late project are four main reasons. (R. Ryan Nelson,2007) In my opinion, a problem employee may cause the whole team with low motivation and not willing to contribute to the project. For the process, four main causes are wasted time in the “fuzzy front end”, underestimation, insufficient risk management, contractor failure. (R. Ryan Nelson,2007) In one project I experienced, the project manager had a conflict with the subcontractor the clients…

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