It Organizational Structure Essay

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Nina Hart

Human Resource Information Systems are the central technology of Human Resource Management. Most HRIS’s are underutilized. The cost to organizations usually outweighs the advantages of ownership. When utilized properly an effective HRIS can improve the bottom line and provide return on investment.

The need for a quality improvement initiative of a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is crucial to the retention of talent, productivity, and improvement of the bottom line by increasing the value of time saved. The objective of the quality improvement initiative with corporate strategy and human resource planning and development is to assist with many issues the organization faces in today’s business climate.
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The importance of data quality is an easy over-site. Making assumptions about its efficacy is a careless mistake "These errors can range from calling a woman Mr., to misspelling a name, to using an incorrect or outdated business title, to bungling a Social Security number or something equally as problematic ( The data warehouse is only as good as its data ["GIGO garbage in garbage out"]. Data cannot be effective and improve productivity and produce accurate results if the quality of data is poor. The quality initiatives must be in place.

The quality improvement initiative will generate more success and less work load/work force thus transforming past reporting practices into automated reporting practices. The current HRIS can hone in on the day to day demands of data entry, and allows for manual benefits administration deadlines to be met with increased workforce management. During the open enrollment period the current system has proved to be effective. However, with an improved system the open enrollment period can become more automated and allow for decreased workforce management. The current system has not been successful due to lack of automation. Janet is highly regarded and respected in the

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