Snows In Miami Essay

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1. It never snows in Miami
This statement is true because Miami it is a hot city. It never snows in Miami because the climate has change. Miami is close to the equator in which there is no snow. The city is close to the sea that makes it harder to snow there. Maybe global warming has caused weather changes in Miami. The weather pattern has changed. It never snows in Miami because of Hurricanes. The city of Miami is close to the sea it has no chance of getting snow because of the gulf water and the Gulf Stream current and that they don’t get temperature below freezing point. If the global warming changed it will cause to snow but it only rains there. It rains in Miami but temperature never reaches below freezing point in order to snow. Social
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Assuming that the high minimum wage leads to having a better quality in production. Raising the minimum wage to $15 only one couple in the household has to work. At a given change in price the change in quantity demanded will be small. Storeowner can not raise their prices in which he or she will lose lots of sales and having a higher payroll costs because of high minimum wages. In which the storeowner profit will go down. There is a profit drop in restaurants and supermarkets in which employers get paid more. No one will hire teens to work because no work history or no job experience. Companies wanting employers who are experienced with a good work record. Fifteen dollars an hour in Texas is worth more than $15 an hour in California and New York. It would reduce poverty but it will cause some people to lose their jobs, when companies are forced to lose some employers. One reason is that New York and California are high cost states because every thing is expensive their. Second reason is that any companies like McDonalds and Wal-Mart will hire more teens because they don’t need any experience at all. These assumptions lead to reasoning because higher minimum wage in which companies will make better quality in their products. It is important for social theorists and researcher to approach this study, as survey different families from different class like upper, middle, and poor. Sociologist can ask them how much they make in a month and their average

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