It Is Your Destiny Or Not? Essay

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It Is Your Destiny Or Not..?
Does fate truly exist? Have you meditated on what happens in the everyday life? Is it simply coincidence or is there more to it? All questions up for debate.
I personally truly believe one has the potential to create the life they want to live. I think fate is what we make for ourselves. Our fate is not predetermined or written across the stars. We are the sole creators of our lives. We make what we want of it. Famous British writer William Shakespeare once said, “Fate is the one that shuffles the cards, but we are the ones who play. So the future of a man is not written in the stars, but in the will and self-mastery”.
In life one makes decisions every second that passes. Normally we are aware of those that we consider important, those that we think more carefully of such as: choosing a candidate to govern the country, choosing what to study or where to work, who we marry or how many children we want to have. But there are also those daily decisions we choose to make, such as: leaving the house, going to the beach, eating breakfast, summoning a work meeting, surfing the web.
We have thousands of paths to choose from and decisions to make, but no matter what happens or what we decide to do there is only one single road that can be taken in the end. How many times have we all said “if I hadn’t left the house today I would not have crashed”, “if I hadn’t gone out in the rain I wouldn’t be sick now”, “if I hadn’t lied I wouldn’t have gotten in…

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