It Is Unsurprising For A Seasoned Author Like J.k. Rowling Essay

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It is unsurprising for a seasoned author like J.K. Rowling to write an empowering piece; however, what is astonishing is the poignant way in which she delivered the commencement speech to the Harvard graduating class of 2008. Her speech was meant to enlighten the graduates about life after college by focusing on the benefits of failure and the importance of imagination. The commencement speech followed a topical pattern, thus she centered her speech around life after college and the equal importance of failure and imagination by utilizing her own life experiences as a mere twenty-year-old to explain her main points. Not only was the speech easy to follow because she clearly stated what she would speak about, She delivered the speech in a truly refreshing and imaginative manner because she spoke as if she were telling a story, which essentially made her speech easy to follow. Rowling’s introduction to her speech included an innovative attention-getter, that effectively set up her credibility with her audience, while also clearly stating her central idea and main points. She starts off by expressing her gratitude for having the honor to be the commencement ceremony speaker and proceeds to tell a joke about how the nerves have caused her to lose weight, so it’s a “win-win situation.” This culminates into her attention-getter in which she mentions that she drew inspiration from the commencement speaker who spoke at her graduation ceremony, British philosopher Baroness Mary…

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