It Is The Same For Everyone Essay

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There are a lot of things that people have to go through in daily life, some people have easier lives that overs. The differences in each other may show that you are not the same as the person next to you, but all and all everyone has something that makes them have something in common with that other individual. What I have found out is that regardless if that one individual looks like they have a spot clean life it is substantially likely that they are having or have had problems in there life. The thing is, is that i ant saying that it is the same for everyone. The problem could just be they don 't know how to spend their money wisely, are to irresponsible with the money (spend it all on booze, smokes, and or lotto cards(scratch tickets))or don 't know how to find a way to pay for something they need. But the worst thing that i have heard that has happened to someone is that has family in the hospital, and or someone in their family died or dying.
With experiences of having family in the hospital to backed up bills and died relatives i have endured thought it all.

If i correctly recall, around the morning of August 31st, 2012, my father toppled to the floor like a red tree falling after being cut down, loud and unstopped. My mother and I were just wanting our T.V. show americas’ funniest home videos and my sister was at her friends. My father just got home after and he goes into the shower like anyone else that works. But the thing is that he just got done getting his…

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