It Is Best For A State Of Anarchy Essay

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Drakar dropped the body of another innkeeper to the ground as Faline clutched the vial of elixir to her chest. Would using yet another mind sifting spell trigger another attack? “Another know nothing. At this rate, the girl will reach Wolfbern before we find her.”
“We must move on,” Drakar replied.
Faline stepped out into the street, followed closely by her personal shadow. A small bridge loomed ahead, and beyond it lay their next goal, the Black Boar Tavern. Drakar stopped. His arm shot out, “Mistress, look.”
She followed his arm to the front of the tavern, where several hooded figures raced through the front door, and more headed for the back. Another shape slipped along the edges of the roof. “What have we here? Let’s get closer, but stay on the far side of the road. The city is in a state of anarchy, it is best we avoid any involvement in local affairs.”

At first, Larah thought she was dreaming. She rolled over, attempting to ignore the pounding until it intruded into her sleep again. With some effort, she sat upright, then tottered over to the door. Slipping it open, she peered into the hallway but found only darkness and shadows. On the floor was a folded piece of parchment. She snatched it and shut the door. Her heart nearly skipped a beat when she read the note:
Leave Immediately. You are in great danger.

Was this from Riasean? But it couldn’t be, the handwriting had a distinctive feminine flair. For a moment, she considered who sent the note, but then her mind…

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