It Is Always A Tragedy When A Loved One Passes Essay

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It is always a tragedy when a loved one passes. To add to the heartbreak, there are many difficult decisions that the family must make. These decisions can be a lot easier if your loved ones talk to you before they pass on what their wishes are, or so you’d think.
The Briggs family is faced with a difficult decision to make when their Grandpa Joe passes. Grandpa Joe has entrusted the decisions of his funeral to his daughter Judith. He told her that he wishes to be buried in a casket with a large marble gravestone, and to be buried where a few of his ancestors have been buried. After his funeral and the rest of his expenses are paid he wishes that the rest of his estate is to be split between his three children and their families. The problem Judith is confronted with is to do as her father wishes, which will cost around $10,000, or cremate him as his wife was, which will only cost $1500. This would not be an issue but the money her and her siblings would inherent is a lot more if they ignore their father’s wishes and cremate him. Judith’s two siblings said told her they will support whatever decision she makes. What arrangements should Judith make for her father? There are many different theories Judith could look too to make this moral decision, two of them are Kantianism and Act Utilitarianism, but what are these theories? In this paper I am going to discuss which of these theories are a better decision for Judith to make. Kantianism was developed by Immanuel Kant. This…

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