It Industry Into China Essay

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1. Introduction
With the economic globalization, More and more multinational enterprises expanded their business abroad by using different market entry strategy. As Lechner and Boli (2012) claimed that the world-economic trends and cycles of the past two decades have made it increasingly apparent that the production and distribution of goods take place in complex global networks that tie together groups, organizations, and regions. In this paper, we focus on the IT Industry which is more and more popular in China, and then analyzed four giant IT guys: Apple, IBM, Dell and Samsung. They entered Chinese market during the different period. Even though some of their businesses are similar, their growth path and the strategies they used are
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Apple has been chosen as the most innovative business in the world for the 3rd time in 2012. They can always come up with new products that lead the new concept of this whole industry, and bring the highly innovative, well designed, and well-functioning products to the market.
- Strong financial performance
Apple does indeed have a huge amount of cash: $137 billion, and growing rapidly because it is an insanely profitable company. (Gross, 2013)
- Brand reputation
Apple brand was the most valuable brand in the world in 2012 which valued at $87.1 billion. (Forbes, 2012)
- Apple Retail stores
Apple’s retail stores ensure high quality customer experience; provide direct contact with knowledgeable staff and increases brand awareness. Besides, Apple’s stores are one of the most profitable in terms of sales.
- Strong marketing and advertising teams
Marketing is one of the strongest functional areas Apple has. It can sell pricier products, build superior stores (they are more or less built to achieve marketing goals) and advertise their products in a compelling manner.
Weakness (W)
- High price.
Apple’s product cost much more than its competitors devices. Consumers can easily opt for similar quality but lower price products.
- Patent infringements
The firm is often accused of infringing other companies’ patents and has even lost some trials. This damages Apple brand and its financial situation.
- Further changes in management

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