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WAN Design
Company Overview
The plan under displays the main procedures involved in developing a WAN for Acme Production. The company’s six different buildings in six different places need to be networked jointly. There is a necessity of communication between all the distant places and the head office building. Two of the headquarters are situated in Atlanta, Georgia. In these two building located across the street from one another, one of these is the head office building and the other is the engineering building.
Logical Network Setup and Locations Interconnection
A LAN setup having routers and Ethernet wires will be the selection. This is a sensible selection since the speeds of the network will be significantly greater and
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A T1 line transmission speed is about 1.544 mbps and can be utilized for transmitting of 24 digitally transformed voice channels (Kayne, 2009).
Telecommunications System
The telecommunication system which would match Acme Manufacturing will be VoIP. VoIP would provide lots of benefits. Increased production, reduced cost for the cabling setup, and reduced maintenance expenses are only a few of the advantages. This kind of advantage as cost-efficiency in the utilization of technology decreases telecommunication expenses. Having VoIP system the same cables and wiring which is used in a network may be used for the telecommunication system too. Thinking “outside the box”, VoIP will allow and increase virtual meeting because it is turning into the latest method of conducting business.
IP Address and VLAN
WAN Design 4
While thinking about IP address, this type of big network would need a class C, supposing that the same network mask pertains to every subnet (building) of the same network IP address (Regan, 2004). Establishing a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) will be advantageous. The key reason is greater production and better communication because of link of all six different buildings this network will be managing. Though divisions aren't physically grouped together, grouping them into rational networks provides enhanced efficiency because the broadcast traffic to do similar works is restricted.
Network Equipment

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