Isys100: Report 1 Essay

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ISYS100 Assignment 1: Report

1) The Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) styles which I chose was very simple, user friendly and most importantly aesthetically pleasing. Whoever visits the website would be able to easily read the text with no struggle due to the text being a solid black colour which is brought out due to the clean light blue background. The webpages are as user friendly as possible as I made sure the appropriate colours for different headings was chosen, for example heading 2 is a bright yellow to make it really stand out to the viewers. The Times New Roman font was used to ensure that all visitors to the webpages could read all text with ease. I chose very straightforward images to be shown on each of the webpages so that
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There are many layers to this website and it is very well laid out. In particular, I like that it has many sub links within the website that can lead you off based on what you are interested in. The website supports the use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and encourages users to share the article. A video is the main focus once the website is opened which leads the user to believe that the website is a significant one is providing all information based on the topic, Plus, “History” are a very reliable source of information. On the website there is a big “History” logo on the side followed by the header “AUTOMOBILES” in big, black and bold writing, which clearly shows viewers what the page is about. The background of the website is clean and simple which allows users to view the text with ease. Another admirable feature of this website is that as a user scrolls down, more pictures and videos show up along the side of the text which improves overall quality and user experience. The main reason I find this page to be admirable is the ability to watch short 2 – 4 minute videos on the way as you scroll down the text. This leads to a more enjoyable experience for the viewer in terms of layout and effortless reading ability due to the carefully positioned text and video. Overall I feel that the web site that I have provided is very

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