Issues Of The Medical Field Essay

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Topic: Issues in the Medical Field
1. Describe the topic and why it is important & relevant to you.
This is a topic that consists of several components that contribute to the problem in total. Medical incompetence is, of course, a large area of worry. Stories that should be told as jokes contain disturbing truth, such as surgeons forgetting to remove things like scissors before finishing the procedure. These mistakes are often the result of becoming too familiar with procedures. Once a physician or surgeon has done something enough times, they let their guard down and let muscle memory – or common diagnoses – take control. This leads to them trying to take shortcuts or, as mentioned, being negligent in their actions.
Malpractice lawsuits are another troublesome area of medicine. Medical incompetence certainly contributes to this issue, but historical evidence also explains why lawsuits are so prevalent. Before modern medicine was firmly established, “doctors” would use their own ideas to help their patients. This often meant a snake oil being given and fingers being crossed that they survived the illness. This maltreatment of patients by their doctors has almost certainly led to people wanting to return the favor, so to speak. This is not in whole the fault of the patients, however. Medical professionals have to meet standards that are almost impossible to live up to every second that they are on the job. Failing to meet these standards opens them up to lawsuits, which…

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