Issues In Rassundari Devi's 'Me Rasheed Jahan'

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1. Many issues were raised in both, Rassundari Devi’s autobiography and Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain’s story. In Devi autobiography the matter that was discussed was regarding women not being able to read or write. In olden times, women were prohibited to read or write and to receive any kind of education. It was said that if women were to receive any kind of education then they will match up to the men, which then was strictly wrong and prohibited against. Women were always below men before marriage and after. They had to play womanly roles by marrying at an early age and then cook, clean and give birth. Devi, on the other hand wanted her own identity and not just a tag of a daughter and wife she often said ““My only regret was that I was not able to read and write because I was a girl” (Devi, 196). As a girl she did not receive any education, which she really wanted so she could read Godly bibles and scriptures. She wanted to get close to God, which then was not possible because of the restrictions she was put in forth.
In Rokeya Sakhawat Hossains story, it addresses the issue of women being trapped into the men’s hands after being married.
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In her story she mentions young women who are outcast by the rest of the people because of the way they look. In Rasheed’s story there is one young woman who is portrayed as a stinky, unusual disgusting face. This woman is marginalized and pushed away from all places because of her appearance. The women has nothing to say for herself and does not defend of speak up, however she is closely attached to Safia, the main character. Who then questions the young women of why she always comes back to the school when she knows no one likes her. The young women throughout the novel do not say a word and finally in the end she speaks and answers Safia’s question in an indirect

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