Issues in Patient Care Essay

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Issues in Patient Care

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Healthcare transformation is recently an issue which has attracted the public attention in the global world and is being discussed not only in statehouses but also in public. Though it is believed that any rising issue in patients should be catered in the health checks but the aspect can also be undertaken in the homes. In essence, the care of patients should be prioritized and emphasized by the practioneers to be done in homes, since it is cost effective and a better component reform effort undertaken (Guadagnino, 2008) Patients should be empowered in taking care of their health without merely depending on the decision given by the health practioneers.
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The health literacy therefore diverse in relation to the context and settings but is not determined by the number of years one has been educated nor the experience in the medical faculty. This is endorsed by the Fact that one may be very conversant with the domestic chores but has inadequacy in medical literacy. With the numerous emergence of advanced medical expertise and emergence of complicated health problems the health checks have been compelled to move towards a more “consumer concentric “health care system (Vlahakes & Lemmer, 2009).

According to Parker, R.M., Ratzan, S.C. and Lurie, N. 2003 issues in patient care should be an “overall effort that should be aimed at improving the quality of health care”. This will also be “intended in reducing the health care costs and the patients should also be involved in taking part in the most crucial decisions regarding their health status”. In fulfilling this patients are needed to have adequate health information skills and they find themselves in dilemma in making such crucial decisions. In order to overcome such circumstances they are then required to have specific tasks which they are expected to carry out. The following tasks are thus essential towards the better health care which they require within the health system.

They ought to have a quality scrutiny of the

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