Essay on Issues Faced By International Students

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Issues Facing International Students in Canada

Being an international student is exciting. It offers a lot of exposure and scope for improvement. Canada has a lot of institutions that accept foreign students, but before that, the practical difficulties an international student might face in the country should be noted. The major difficulties can arise due to social and cultural differences. However, the impact of Economic & Political issues can’t be ignored. In the following sections, the paper attempts to study these issues and describe how it can impact a student’s life in Canada.
1. Issues faced by students:

Issues arise when the expectation does not meet the reality, or due to misinformation. The various issues an average student might be classified as follows.

1.1. Economic (Financial) issues:

The first issue an international student faces in Canada is the fees. Fees structures vary for domestic and international students. As Denise Hansen says in her essay ‘Life of International Students in Canada is Eye Opening’, "The average tuition and ancillary fees for domestic students in an arts and science program in Canada currently stands at $6,100. Compare this to the staggering $17,200 an international student pays for the same education and it comes as no surprise that some international students are struggling to make ends meet" It is also important to note that international students often do not enjoy the same privileges as local students. The international…

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