Essay on Issue Proposal on Abortion

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English 1302-036
February 7, 2013
Everyone is Entitled to Their Constitutional Rights As a catholic-born child, I was brought up with very strict rules laid out before me that would help me with choices such as the holy sacrament of confirmation and marriage to the very controversial choice of abortion. Since I’ve been Catholic all of my life, I am a firm believer in the pro-life choice, which is advocating full legal protection of embryos and fetuses along with high opposition to the legalization of induced abortions. A baby is a baby is a baby. Whether it is an embryo, fetus, or almost a full term baby, it is still considered life. That is how I like to view this topic. This semester I plan to research why abortion is morally wrong
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She cannot undo an abortion by any means. Just because abortion is a forgivable sin, doesn’t mean it should be taken advantage of because of how “easy” it is. Rather, a woman should take into consideration every option there is before she decides to abort her unborn child. Would you kill a human being who is out of the womb just because you did not want to see them or be around them anymore? Or better yet, what about those women who are literally psycho and just flat out do not want their child or children anymore? Should we give them the benefit of the doubt? Majority of the people would more than likely answer no, because it is illegal and you could get several years up to life in prison. Also, in a court of law, killing a pregnant woman is considered double murder. Why you might ask? Because there is a human being inside of that woman and if you kill her, you kill the baby as well. The location of the fetus should not determine if they get rights or not. A two year old is not finished growing, yet, they still have rights. What I do not understand is that even as an embryo, this unborn child has just as many rights as a living child or adult had. Just because they are not fully grown does not mean they do not deserve the same rights the rest of the free world has. There are always ongoing debates on whether abortions should be made illegal or not. Pro-life arguers state that abortions can put the woman at greater risk later on if she decides to

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