ISS 418 Lab 7 and 8 Essay

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Lab Assessment Questions & Answers

1. What is the command to view the current Linux Kernel parameters?
The command that will allow you to see the Kernel parameters is sysctl –a.
2. What command can you run to list all the kernels available parameters one screen at a time with the ability to move forward and backwards on the output?
The command that would you to do accomplish this would be the less /proc/modules

3. What is the purpose of enabling syncookies in the Linux Kernel?
The purpose of enabling syncookies in the Linux Kernel is to help prevent a type of DoS attack by dropping connection which can lead to additional SYN messages.
4. When you want to enable a Linux Kernel command and enable it immediately without a physical
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From this list, demonstration will show how to verify the source tar ball for application integrity verification when downloading and installing new applications. It will then properly secure the RPM services in the Fedora Core Linux Server. The demo will perform steps to discover all installed kernel RPM packages, verify a source tar ball and securely add a third party repository to the RPM database. Use of the MD5Sum for hashing and integrity verification will also be performed. Finally, the students will see how to use “wget” to review and install third-party applications onto the Fedora Core Linux Server.

Lab Assessment Questions & Answers

1. Explain the following command: rpm -qf /bin/ls
The rpm –qf /bin/ls will show you the output and determine what package that /bin/ls file belongs to.
2. Discuss the purpose of a software repository as it relates to YUM.
Software repositories are either a free or license based servers that allow malware free packages and software available for download and install. With an easy command a users is able to connect to these servers and download CUPS or pearl scripting packaging for example.
3. How can one ensure

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