Essay on Israeli Settlements Of Israel Palestine

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Since the 1967 Six Day War, Israel has had an unprecedented amount of control in Palestine. The ongoing military occupation of Palestinian land restricts the freedom of the Palestinian people and devastates the power of the Palestinian government. Israeli settlers create further Israeli encroachment on the land of Palestine. The existence of settlements causes Palestine to mistrust Israel, so that there can be no meaningful peace negotiations. Furthermore, they harm the prospects of stability in the region by hurting the Palestinian people and government, so that there can never be a self-sufficient Palestinian state. Israeli settlements completely undermine any possibility of peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because they actively harm the Palestinian people, government, and trust of Israel so that Palestine is unable to coexist with Israel.
The continuing growth of settlements stalls the peace process because it justifies Palestine’s deep mistrust of Israel because Israeli settlements violate international law and undo any past achievements in peace negotiation. International law has considered Israeli settlements in Palestinian occupied territory to be illegal (Tharoor; Rudoren & Ashkenas; Miller). Settlements violate Article 49(6) of the Fourth Geneva Convention because Israel, the occupying power, allows its own people to move into occupied territory (Wedgwood 60). Despite the illegality of settlements, Israeli settlements continue to grow (Giacaman et. al.…

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