Israel And Its Supporters : An Extension Of Colonialism Essay

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Israel and its supporters, mainly the United States, are seen as an extension of colonialism. In the Middle East, European colonialism obliterated Arab sovereignty through its political and economic takeover (Alnasrawi 7). The epicenter of this perceived encroachment of Arab autonomy by the West was found in the Jewish state of Israel. The colonial legacy of the British and the French occupations in the Middle East led to the perception of Israel as another imperial force that would infringe upon the rights of the Arab world. Many Arabs believe that Israel exists to further Western exploitation and domination in the region (Al-Sowayegh 53). The United States, particularly around the 1970s, gave tremendous economic and military aid to Israel, and the United States was Israel’s closest ally (Licklider “Political” 190). This support of Israel produced massive hatred of America throughout the Middle East because the United States was believed to have “endorsed and financed Israeli occupation” (Alnasrawi 83). Essentially, the immense support of Israel from the United States led Arabs to view the United States as another component of foreign domination.
Every industrial nation relies on energy to function and prosper. The use of oil for energy purposes is essential for nearly every nation’s survival. The Middle East has enormous oil reserves, and most of the world has some degree of dependence on Middle Eastern oil. In an effort to utilize this oil power against Israel and its…

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