Isolation Within The Elderly : The Melting Candles Essay

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Isolation Within the Elderly: The Melting Candles
A simple match lit the wick. Light born into the room. Aglow, it warmed the premises with its appearance anew. Fragrance frolicked to and fro from each corner of the room. With the light, all could see through and through. A trickle of wax dropped here and there with a similar loss of a few stares. Melting away, the blazing brilliance began to dull and the fiery fragrance escaped the home. Inhabitants, unknowingly, left the house with not even the thought of the candle’s douse. Although, at first, it hoped to survive, the flame now waited for its time to arrive. Just as a candle illuminates the sky when lit, a human being’s birth typically brightens the lives of those surrounding him/her. People are like melting candles. They begin as bright, lively flames with a purpose, but later wither away until their flame burns out. A maturing candle can be relit for everyone to enjoy, but some may struggle with no one to relight it. Similarly, as people hit the mark of old age, they typically need a helping hand or even just some company, but a lot of the time as little as a phalange goes unoffered. Some of today’s elderly population encounter the hardship of loneliness which leads to a plethora of other issues. The Pew Research Center states, “Adults ages 65 and older who [are] living alone report they are not in as good health and are more likely to feel sad, depressed or lonely than are older adults who live with another person”…

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