Isolation In The Elderly Essay

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Isolation Within the Elderly: The Melting Candles
A simple match lit the wick. Light born into the room. Aglow, it warmed the premises with its appearance anew. Fragrance frolicked to and fro from each corner of the room. With the light, all could see through and through. A trickle of wax dropped here and there with a similar loss of a few stares. Melting away, the blazing brilliance began to dull and the fiery fragrance escaped the home. Inhabitants, unknowingly, left the house with not even the thought of the candle’s douse. Although, at first, it hoped to survive, the flame now waited for its time to arrive. Just as a candle illuminates the sky when lit, a human being’s birth typically brightens the lives of those surrounding him/her. People
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Isolation views the elderly as an easy target because of the decrease in personal contact as one ages. The UCLA Loneliness Scale or the De Jong Gierveld Loneliness Scale (a social and emotional scale) states that loneliness “...encompasses such issues as a sense of emptiness and missing having people around to rely on and trust and feel close to” (Valtorta). Although all who develop this “emptiness” obtain similar feelings, it can evolve from many different causes. For instance, in the Netherlands, a study regarding successful aging with elders 85 and up showed that most unsuccessful aging is a result of losing social contacts. Many of the elderly take their loss as a personal defeat at that (Van Der Geest). However, death acts as a conspicuous cause as well. When a spouse passess, the social support a person developed throughout almost his/her whole life disappears and can lead to social isolation (Valtorta). This loss shows an attack that ultimately motivates one to cover his grief in isolation. Along with that, the elderly also become isolated through tendencies many of them parktake in. “Reduced intergenerational living, greater social and geographical mobility, the rise in one person households-all of these trends mean that older adults may become more socially isolated” (Valtorta). These trends continuously arise in the much of the elderly …show more content…
With that said, rates of mental deformities are higher amongst isolated elders. In a study, The Pew research center discovered that “One-quarter of those living solo reported feeling depressed, versus only one in seven older adults residing with a spouse or other person” (Kleyman). An example of someone coping with depression was found in 78-year-old Robert Lyons who battles depression after losing his eight siblings and most of his friends. “It was a dark time for me… so I guess I went off into this depression thing,” he stated (Kleyman). The depression Robert Lyons lived with conspicuously developed through the isolation caused by his loss. With that said, isolation produces countless outcomes that vary with each specific

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