Effects Of Islamophobia

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Islamophobia― one word that caused a catastrophic effect in the Muslim community. Islamophobia is derived from Etienne Dinet, a French painter who was interested in Islam and the Arabic culture; but it was soon used as a term of hatred and discrimination against Muslims. There are four major types of Islamophobia which are pre-reflective personal Islamophobia, post-reflective personal Islamophobia, institutional Islamophobia, and political Islamophobia. Pre-reflective personal Islamophobia is when someone is unfriendly towards another person due to them being Muslim. Post-reflective personal Islamophobia is when as a person believes that the ideals of Islam are inferior to other beliefs. Institutional Islamophobia is when an institution (e.g. …show more content…
Ignorance and misconceptions go together well because if a person is not well informed about a topic people can only base their answer/beliefs on what they are taught. It also does not help that a lot of countries see Islam as a global threat because they think that that the Islam is the “religion of the Sword.” Islam is referred to the “religion of the sword” because back in the Medieval Era, the Prophet was made out to be a violent person as well as the religion was violent, and the beliefs of Islam were irrational. Till this day people still believe that the definition that was made during the Medieval Era is still accurate till this day. People do not realize that this definition was made during the Crusades which was an ongoing between Muslims and Christians for about 200 years. It was obvious that that the Christian’s would make Islamic religion sound terrible since their goal during that time period was to convert as many people to Christianity. Historian Karen Armstrong talks about the misconceptions about Islam, “‘The West misunderstands Islam largely because we 've got a deep cultural prejudice that is as deeply ingrained as our anti-Semitism, which developed alongside it from about the time of the Crusades. We 've got into the habit of projecting our own shortcomings onto Islam, just as we did upon the Jews.’”( Russell Gonzaga, Americans Misunderstand Islam, http://www.galegroup.com). What Armstrong is saying is that getting the same treatment they gave to the Jewish people. In the twenty-first century race is no longer a factor in determining if someone is Muslim since a lot of people of different color can convert to any religion. Islamophobia is widely feared as well as rapidly growing, people are always going to be misinformed until they realized that being ignorant is not what the world is about when there are million other

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