Islamophobia In The Muslim Community

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Islamophobia― one word that caused a catastrophic effect in the Muslim community. Islamophobia is derived from Etienne Dinet, a French painter who was interested in Islam and the Arabic culture; but it was soon used as a term of hatred and discrimination against Muslims. There are four major types of Islamophobia which are pre-reflective personal Islamophobia, post-reflective personal Islamophobia, institutional Islamophobia, and political Islamophobia. Pre-reflective personal Islamophobia is when someone is unfriendly towards another person due to them being Muslim. Post-reflective personal Islamophobia is when as a person believes that the ideals of Islam are inferior to other beliefs. Institutional Islamophobia is when an institution (e.g. …show more content…
The media portrays any event related to Muslim as a religious affair as in using religion as an excuse for violence or any other attacks on different country. There are theories why mass media likes to report on Islam/Muslims, one of the reasons is that mass media establishes a certain panic and fear among people by broadcasting videos/articles on Muslims in a negative aspect which results in Islamophobia. The other reason is that mass media reporters are eager to report on conflicts in Islamic countries. In the media the stories that are discussed are mostly one that call Muslims terrorist. In the media, why is it that a Muslim who does a mass murder the headlines would be “Terrorist Attack”; but if a white person does a mass murder the headlines would be “White Male Murder Innocent People?” The logic of this type of separation between races is impractical in making a group of a certain race based on their skin to be hated than any other person; an example would be the Chapel Hill shooting. In any of the articles about the Chapel Hill shooting there is no “White Person Killed Three People” only “Chapel Hill Shooting Victims” or another variation about the victims. The Chapel Hill shooting happened near the University of North Carolina campus where a white male shot three Muslims. The Police was arguing that the reason for the man to shoot them was over a “parking space” and not over a hate-crime. It was soon discovered that the man who killed the three Muslim students was born in a state that had “anti-sharia law” which is basically an anti-Muslim law. Politicians are also the ones who contribute to the Islamophobia in the media. When a Politicians debate amongst each other they are often broadcast live so people around the country can go watch it. Politicians say whatever they want to say to get votes and with the fear of Muslims are still ingrained in

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