Islamophobia In America

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Islamophobia in America
On a city sidewalk in some Middle Eastern country, a non-religious American is walking along with many other Muslims. Suddenly, they all shriek out in fear exclaiming, “Look it’s a Donald Trump! He’s going to spew some more stupidity!” In reality, this scenario does not happen, but in the event that it did, a very important question arises that is applied to almost the entire United States today. Why should the mistakes and actions of a small group of people, become the assumed behavior of an entire cultural group? If Donald Trump or anyone else for that matter, make harsh comments or act out, that does not mean that every American carries themselves in that manner. The same way of thinking applies for the recent
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Traditional Islam, is generally a peaceful, cooperative religion just like any other. What many people do not realize, is that the terror acts are from a sub-branch of Islam, being radical Islam. The average American hears and has grown to be-lieve that all peoples of the Muslim faith have the same mindset and intentions as these terrorists. After the 9/11 attacks on the United States by the radical Islamic group, Al Qaeda, the fear was instilled in more than just Americans, that all Muslims were evil. Until recently, the uncertainty began to fade. With the recent attacks from the group, ISIS, the fear has resurfaced, and is stronger than ever. The difference is, when the 2001 attacks took place, then President George W. Bush made it clear to the American people that there was a distinct difference between the religion of Islam and the radicals (Pipes, 2005). These people can be described as extremists, believing that those who do not believe in their faith and worship their god need to die. They feel that killing non-believers pleases their god, while people of the traditional Islamic faith believe the opposite, they carry the “love thy neighbor” mindset. Because of the misconception that all Muslims are cold blooded killers, those who are just as peaceful as anyone else, feel the pressure and are looked at with a stigma that they too, are …show more content…
One could start a lengthy list of people, past and present who fall under this category. Hitler, the KKK, even the American Colonists can be marked up as terrorists. Now, almost all Americans do not look at the Colonists in a negative light, but going by the definition of terrorism, they are just as guilty as anyone else. While their impact on the country was monumental, and was successful in the construction of the United States, they still slaughtered a countless number of Native Americans. To call someone a terrorist, would require them to have committed violent attacks on other people for political reasons, which the majority of the Muslim population, has not done. However, one could add those who commit hate crimes to the list of terror, as they have become just as bad as the people they think they’re

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